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Software Quality & Testing

QAC Solutions provides an IT consultancy service to corporate and private clients and public sector organisations in the UK.

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We provide services to help with all stages of the software development lifecycle. From the initial identification of the need for a software solution, we can assist with areas including requirements specification, solution design, supplier selection, tool evaluation, quality assurance, testing, risk management, acceptance and supplier management. We will suggest appropriate off-the-shelf products if available, together with any customisation needed, or we will help to identify suitable suppliers and work with you and them for the successful delivery of a bespoke solution.

quality & testing services

About QAC Solutions

We supply bespoke, high-quality consultancy, analysis, assurance and testing solutions. We work with our clients and their suppliers to ensure that the end-product meets their needs, regardless of the size of the project.
We can join a project at the beginning or at any stage to help smooth the delivery journey.
Our small size and customer-focussed ethos ensures the provision of a dedicated and professional service.


Customers inexperienced in sourcing IT solutions can often end up with an unsuitable product, or with additional cost for unnecessary features. Our mission is to make sure that what they need is clearly defined and then to ensure that the solution meets those requirements.